Visible AIDS v. Invisible AIDS "Patient": A Study on the Case of the Harmony Home Association delivered by the Taipei District

Author Info
Yu-Lin Chiang
College of Law, National Chengchi University

SinceOn October 11 2006, Taipei District Court ruled that the Harmony Home Association should move out from the Zaihsin Community. In order to solve the residence problems of HIV-infected people, the Legislative Yuan soon passed a new bill on June 14 2007 to manage the care, treatment and residence of HIV-infected people. Taiwan High Court then, on August 7 2007, overruled the original sentence and ordered that they could still stay in the Zaihsin Community. The result of the decision delivered by the Taipei District Court is actually an ironic case against today's legal order deemed to be based on human dignity and should be strongly criticized especially from the aspect of power/knowledge discourses.

Taiwanese Journal for Studies of Science, Technology and Medicine, Number 6 (April 2008), 111-144.