Science, Technology and Socio-culture: Reflections on Science Views

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Cheng-Liang Chen
Graduate School of Social Transformaton Studies, Shih-Hsin

By reviewing a selection of articles in the field of Science Studies, this articleexplores the relations between science/technology and socio-culture, and sees science/technology as a specific way of cultural practice. Rejecting the view that treats science/technology as an independent existence, the present study firstly argues that different forms of science/technology are embedded in their specific social institutions, political positions and cultural values. The second part of the article addresses the sociocultural influence 'inside' the territory of science, specifically examining the effects of evaluation systems on knowledge production, analyzing the cultural dimensions in scientific cognition, and investigating the connections between class interests and the development of technologies. The predominance of Western science will then be examined to show the way in which Western knowledge system excludes non-western ways of thinking from genuine knowledge. Established bodies of scientific knowledge can also be challenged and reshaped by lay people's actions and their perception of reality. Finally, the inseparability between science/technology and socio-culture provides a possibility for rethinking the question of 'what kind of science/technology is appropriate for our society'.

Taiwanese Journal for Studies of Science, Technology and Medicine, Number 6 (April 2008), 145-200.