Correspondence without Truth

Ruey-Lin Chen
Department of Philosophy, National Chung Cheng University

I wholeheartedly support Professor Sismondo’s enthusiastic endeavor to combine the best insights from realism and constructivism. Many scholars in science and technology studies (hereafter, STS) hold the common thought that social constructivism is opposed to scientific realism. Sismondo insists that a minimal “core” of realism is necessary if we are to accept most of the works and conclusions from STS (Sismondo 1996, 2014). I have made a similar attempt to reconcile the realist position of scientific representations and the constructivist understanding of science as social and political activities. But I find that my semantic or conceptual network of terms such as “truth,” “construction,” “convention,” “artificial,” and “natural” are quite different from Sismondo’s. This leads to a radically divergent position from his on “deflationism,” “realism,” “constructivism,” and “theory of truth.”......